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NEW VR180 Camera from Insta360! 😱 2x Insta360 GO 2 3D 180° Example

NEW VR180 Camera from Insta360! 😱 2x Insta360 GO 2 3D 180° Example

Meet the world’s smallest VR180 camera – Insta360 GO 2, TWO of them!
Yes, it is not the Insta360 EVO 2 or Insta360 ONE R 3D mod you are waiting for. But this is still very unique! Check out the image quality in your favorite VR headset and comment below to let me know what you think!
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admin December 19, 2021
How to Build In the Metaverse, with Juan Benet of Protocol Labs

How to Build In the Metaverse, with Juan Benet of Protocol Labs

For this episode of The Metaverse Live, we’re joined by Juan Benet, founder of open-source R&D lab, Protocol Labs. In just under 30 minutes, Juan presents a keynote on the Metaverse, Web 3 building blocks, and how you can decentralize storage (and more) through the power of Filecoin.

Metaverse Live! is our Wednesday Twitter Livestream series which covers Web3 topics including industry news, analysis and discussion, alongside a handpicked selections of guests from blockchain and beyond. Watch past episodes here:

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admin December 19, 2021
Trapped in the Metaverse: Here’s What 24 Hours in VR Feels Like | WSJ

Trapped in the Metaverse: Here’s What 24 Hours in VR Feels Like | WSJ

Everyone is blabbing about the metaverse. But what does this future digital world look like? WSJ’s Joanna Stern checked into a hotel and strapped on a virtual-reality headset for the day. She went to work meetings, hung out with new avatar friends and attended virtual shows. Photo illustration: Tammy Lian / The Wall Street Journal

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admin December 19, 2021
Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes

Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes

At Facebook Connect, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new company name, Meta, plus new VR and AR technologies the company is developing for the future.

0:00 – Meta name change
0:37 – The Metaverse
2:23 – Privacy and Safety
3:11 – Horizon Home
4:09 – Work in the Metaverse
6:06 – Developer Services/Fees
6:56 – Presence Platform
7:49 – Project Cambria
9:42 – Nazare Glasses

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admin December 19, 2021
What is the Metaverse: An easy explanation for anyone

What is the Metaverse: An easy explanation for anyone

The metaverse has become one of the latest buzz words, with both Facebook and Microsoft talking about the idea of building a metaverse. Metaverses are described as persistent and shared virtual worlds. In this video we untangle the concept and provide a simple and easy to understand overview.

admin December 19, 2021
Buying Land in the Metaverse Can Make You A Millionaire | 5 Top NFT Games With Land Value UPSIDE!

Buying Land in the Metaverse Can Make You A Millionaire | 5 Top NFT Games With Land Value UPSIDE!

Looking to invest in some virtual real estate? In this video I break down the top 5 blockchain games selling NFT land with massive upside potential. NFT games are growing in popularity and owning lands can be lucrative!🔔 Sub4more:

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0:00 Intro – Buying Land in the Metaverse Has Made Millionaires
1:23 Sponsor – BlockFi crypto saving w/ high APY
2:54 NFT land with big upside potential – #5 Axie Infinity
5:38 Number 4: Mirandus Land Deeds
8:41 Number 3: The Sandbox Land
10:36 Number 2: Illuvium Land
13:09 Number 1: Star Atlas Land
15:50 Conclusion – Big upside in NFT Metaverse land
17:15 Outro – thanks supporters

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👋 My name’s Jake, AKA the On Chain Gamer, I’m a 25 year old who loves science fiction, investing, crypto and gaming… I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion thru my videos! Ready Player One is one of my favorite books!

❓ On Chain Gaming means gaming on the blockchain where gamers have real ownership! Traditional games keep ownership of all in game assets & have the right to termite items from your account and prohibit their resale. That’s NOT player ownership, but Blockchain games give REAL ownership of in game items and currency to players! NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain mean in game items can be stored in crypto wallets, used in game or sold to other gamers for REAL MONEY! Crypto games enable real PLAY TO EARN game economies because wealth in blockchain games translates to wealth in real life! Blockchain gaming merges the real economy and virtual game economies into one massive economy!

🎵 Music By Josh Freeman
🎥 Edited By Nate Browatzke
🎨 Intro art by Juan Casini –

⚠️ This video was created for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not financial advice. While this video does reflect my honest opinions at the time of making this video, NFT’s and all unregulated crypto assets have risk.
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TOP 5 Virtual Land NFTs!! BEST Metaverse Plays?? 🚀

TOP 5 Virtual Land NFTs!! BEST Metaverse Plays?? 🚀

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📺 Useful Vids 📺

Metaverse Introduction 👉
Axie Infinity 👉
Decentraland 👉
The Sandbox Game 👉


⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️

Metaverse Presentation – Wall Street Journal:
Metaverse Real Estate Boom:
Metaverse Group Land Purchase:
Republic Realm Land Purchase:
Axie Infinity Lunacia:
Decentraland Digital Real Estate:
The Sandbox Game Map:
Bit.Country Whitepaper:
The Ultimate Guide To Aavegotchi Land:


0:00 Intro
1:25 The Metaverse
3:50 Virtual Land In The Metaverse
5:42 Record-Breaking Land Sales
7:05 What The Hype All About?
9:04 Ecosystem 1
13:58 Ecosystem 2
17:33 Ecosystem 3
20:08 Ecosystem 4
22:27 Ecosystem 5
24:55 Conclusion


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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admin December 19, 2021
Why Metaverse Real Estate Is Selling For Millions - Cheddar Explains

Why Metaverse Real Estate Is Selling For Millions - Cheddar Explains

How much real money would you pay for a virtual plot of land? Developing technology is introducing everyone in the real world to new, virtual worlds, like Decentraland. In this metaverse economy, users are buying virtual real estate at high value – and it’s not just the average Joe that’s looking to invest. Company’s like Facebook are betting big.

Further reading:

Al Jazeera



Irish Times


UK Tech News

The Verge

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admin December 19, 2021
Why You Should Be Worried About Facebook's Metaverse | System Error

Why You Should Be Worried About Facebook's Metaverse | System Error

On December 6, Facebook was sued for its role in facilitating the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
The Facebook Papers revealed how the company chased profits – often at the expense of safety.
So can we trust Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse won’t become a tool for misinformation and surveillance?

Watch more from this series:

Europe’s Agricultural Mafia

The Temple That Sparked an Armed Conflict

The WWF’s Poaching War Is Killing Innocent People

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admin December 19, 2021
NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

This an interview that I did on NFP, the” Non-Fungible Podcast” hosted by DKleine to talk all things NFT. This is a fantastic interview for anyone who is just getting started learning about NFT’s. We discuss the culmination of life events and interests that drew me to NFTs and CryptoArt in particular and I provide the broader implications of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology.

Listen to NFP

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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

admin December 19, 2021
How to Buy and Sell NFTs For Profit (Complete Guide)

How to Buy and Sell NFTs For Profit (Complete Guide)

How to create an NFT. How to sell an NFT. Make money with NFTs.
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Buy NFTs

0:00 Intro
0:58 What is an NFT
2:23 Why do people buy NFTs?
4:02 How to Buy and Sell an NFT
4:23 How to Set up Metamask
6:31 How to Buy an NFT Step by Step
8:49 How to create an NFT for sale
9:43 How to sell an NFT for profit

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How To Make Money With NFTs (MY TOP 3)

How To Make Money With NFTs (MY TOP 3)

Here is the truth about NFTs – most are going to $0 and here is why. ► See what trends I am following and get free stock by going to:
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Here is how to make money with NFTs with my best 3 NFTs that I’ve invested in. If you already have other investment accounts like the Roth IRA, a 401K, an HSA, you own some stocks, real estate, some blue chip cryptocurrencies, then these NFTs might be a good way to diversify and earn some extra passive income while you watch them go up in value.

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

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NFTs, Explained

NFTs, Explained

Yes it’s hype. But it could change our world.
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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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The INSANE Future of The Metaverse Simply Explained

The INSANE Future of The Metaverse Simply Explained

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Why Metaverse is the Future of Work & How to get Rich from it

Why Metaverse is the Future of Work & How to get Rich from it

Most people don’t understand the metaverse, don’t be like most people!
15 Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World:

In this video we will be answering the following questions:
Why Metaverse is the Future of Work?
How to get rich in the metaverse?
What is the metaverse?
Is Facebook building the metaverse?
Why is Facebook spending billions in the metaverse?
How to make money in the metaverse?
What is the Facebook “metaverse”?
Who is building the metaverse?
Who owns the metaverse?
Is metaverse real?
How to get rich in the metaverse?
What does metaverse mean?
Is Google making the metaverse?
Is Apple building the metaverse?
Is the metaverse a dystopian nightmare?
Is metaverse virtual reality?
What can you do in the metaverse?
What does metaverse mean?

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – The Multiverse
02:19 – The Metaverse
03:01 – Web 3.0
04:04 – NFT
05:59 – Virtual Reality
06:33 – Individual Ownership
07:43 – How can you profit

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The Metaverse: How it will end the Internet

The Metaverse: How it will end the Internet

Something is coming much bigger than the Internet.
It will end the Internet as we know it.


Is War Coming – Prediction Systems:
Dollar Crash Prediction:
Hyperinflation or Stock Market Crash:
How To Make Money: The Fed, Wirecard and Robinhood:
The 3 Crisis Waves Coming:
Find your Unique Genius:…

Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Millionaire Master Plan. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics & Genius Test Profiling Systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

admin December 19, 2021
The Metaverse: A Guide to the Future of Capitalism

The Metaverse: A Guide to the Future of Capitalism

Holiday Deal! Go to and use code TOMNICHOLAS to get 83% off a 2 year plan plus 4 extra months for free!

A video about The Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and the future of capitalism.


00:00 Mark Zuckerberg
04:08 1. YouTuber Burnout
10:27 2. Platform Capitalism
15:07 Surfshark Spot
16:41 3. The Bare Extractive Minimum
22:15 4. Monopoly Men
29:16 5. Into the Metaverse

*Some Copy about the Video for the YouTube Algorithm*

In this month’s video, we’re looking at “the metaverse”. This October, Facebook (since renamed Meta), released a video presentation titled “The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together” to serve as the keynote for the social media company’s annual Oculus Connect conference. The presentation saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announce the company’s ambitions to build “the metaverse”, a proposed evolution of the internet in which Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies enable us to interact in more immersive ways.

To be able to engage in debates surrounding “the metaverse”, however, it’s first important to have a decent grasp of how big tech has already reshaped the economic structure around which our society is built: capitalism. We therefore go on a trip through the history of what Nick Srnicek calls “platform capitalism” to consider how technology companies such as Facebook (or, Meta), Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and even the Roblox Corporation have fundamentally changed the world in which we live—and what this might reveal about the intentions behind this proposed shift to “the metaverse”.

This video is, in some regards, a spiritual successor to my video about Tesla CEO Elon Musk (The Fake Futurism of Elon Musk), as well as my more recent video about the science YouTube channel Veritasium and their partnership with Waymo (the successor to the Google Self-Driving Car Project). It picks up similar themes of techno futurism and the partial futures offered to us by our new tech overlords, and asks who those futures will really serve.

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admin December 19, 2021
I Tried Making Money In The Metaverse

I Tried Making Money In The Metaverse

I tried making money in the metaverse & the results were pretty crazy…
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The crypto metaverse is just beginning but there are a ton of opportunities. With many play-to-earn games or nft games like illuvium, gods unchained, thetan arena, gala games and axie infinity. You can actually get paid to just play games. There are also opportunities to buy nft land or virtual real estate in worlds like the sandbox or decentraland – inside of these blockchain games you can even work a 9-5 job.

The future of cryptocurrency and the metaverse is exciting.

Decentral Games:

Thetan Arena:

admin December 19, 2021
Millionaires Are Buying These 9 Metaverse & Gaming Altcoins (INSIDE INFO)

Millionaires Are Buying These 9 Metaverse & Gaming Altcoins (INSIDE INFO)

Millionaires Are Buying These 9 Metaverse & Gaming Altcoins (INSIDE INFO)
If you are looking for the best altcoins to buy and the best metaverse and gaming crypto projects then you have landed on a gold mine with this video!

🚀 How To Find The Best Altcoins To Buy Before They 100x! Full Pro Trading System!

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